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Introductory Remarks

"Providing warm and dignified care for your next chapter in life"

South Korea is at the dawn of becoming an aging society. 

While this remains a unavoidable threat to our nation, there are many shortcomings and 

practical preparation addressing this matter. This is a reality that comes along with the increasing human lifespan.

Increasing lifespan is a blessing that poses another serious challenge.

In a super-aging society such as Japan, people over the age of 65 accounts for 26.5% of the entire population. The total number of elderly people in need of care has exceeded 6 million. The legislature is preparing various countermeasures, such as improving the working conditions of care workers and also on-boarding foreign workers into the domestic care industry.

Korea's biggest problem is the increasing number of

elderly people living alone in parallel with their increasing poverty rate.

There is a vast number of care facilities ranging from home visits to specialized

hospitals being the only alternative to the current aging phenomenon,

but far from being a solution to address the future limitations.

The Dream Healthcare has led the transformation of the existing care facilities

by introducing the nation’s first specialized rehabilitation exercise programs and

cognitive enhancement programs for the elderly. We have been preparing ahead

for a new era with a clear mission to provide dignified care with in-depth expertise

and specialized facilities.

The Dream Healthcare will continue its efforts to embrace and value your continued journey. 

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손 들어

Leading the senior healthcare sector through an insightful understanding of seniors’ lives, and vast operational know-how accumulated in the care business operation.


행복한 노인 커플


Senior welfare company



To flourish the dreams and happiness of the senior generation

노인 부부

Core Value

Belief, Action, Humility, Honesty, Effort, Sincerity, Happiness

The Dream Roadmap

Korea’s Largest Online & Offline Integrated Care Platform

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Care centers, senior leisure/activities information
데이터 클라우드

Senior Healthcare Data

Data-driven for Public・Private Insurance Healthcare Services

Day Care・Home Care・
Nursing Services
 ICT-operation・Physical & Cognitive
career matching O2O Platform
Home Care On/Offline
​Total service expansion
비즈니스 상담


Composed of the brightest minds and experts in the industry,

we strive to bring only the best service, matched with efficient operation.

124 Members


QR Center

Sales  /  Operations / Master Training

-Rehabilitation (Physical, Cognitive Programs -R&D / Public Research Service   -Education

-Location Planning - Franchise Support - Center Operations Support

-HR - Finance / Accounting - Digital Marketing - Center Support

-Director -Social Worker      -Faculty    -Nursing Assistant      -Professional Care Giver       -Nurse

-Physical Therapist.      -Occupational Therapist          -Driver           -Staff


Become a precious the dream members


The Dream HealthcareRecruitment 💡




- Talented people with upright passion armed with creativity and innovation

- Talented people who challenge the future with responsibility, respect, ability to execute, and professional knowledge - Honesty, humility, sincerity, and hard work


*Please contact us for details

Recruitment process

Document screening > 1st interview > 2nd interview > Final acceptance

Recruitment area

*Please contact us for details




- Honesty, humility, sincerity, and hard work

- Talent who respects / considers / shares courage with all employees and users

- Talented people with a humble mindset to persevere and serve


*Please contact us for details.

Recruitment process

Document screening > 1st interview > 2nd interview > Final acceptance

Recruitment area

*Please contact us for details.

* We are looking for talented people with sincerity, passion, responsibility, a sense of purpose, and a spirit of challenge.


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시니어 재활 솔루션 상담


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